Today's Lesson is One in Mindfulness

Dr. Masaru Emoto has done some unique experiments with water crystals and different types of energy/words associated with water. He did an experiment where he took water from different places, such as the Fujiwara dam, and placed a word on the outside of the water’s container. He took a “before” picture, and then would let people observe the different labels on each container of water. The “after” pictures of the water would change completely, and would always resemble the word on the container. This doesn’t suggest that water can read; rather, it suggests that when a person would read the word on the container, it made them give off a certain type of energy, and the water structure would change accordingly.

For example, to the right I have the difference between how a water crystal looked when it was labeled, "thank you," "Love and Appreciation," and "You Make Me Sick."

When the water had positive words that produced positive feelings, the crystals would take on a symmetrical, crisp, and beautiful structures. On the other hand, when exposed to negative words, the structures appeared to be more random and messy.

Likewise, he would take pictures of water before and after being blessed by a Buddhist Monk; the affects were the same.

It’s an experiment on how thoughts can change the world around us. It’s crazy to think about, when you consider that our bodies are made of 60% water. As quoted in the Documentary What the Bleep Do We Know, “If thoughts can do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to us…”

Suggestion: Try being mindful of the energy you are giving off and how it might be affecting the world around you. Firstly, you can try “blessing” your water that a monk, or even putting good energy and positive thoughts into your next glass of wine. Being mindful of your thoughts and how they can change even the chemical structure of the world around you will make you much more mindful and mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps even physically more healthy.